Baron 58 Cockpit Simulator

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(AutoCAD format available on request)

Overview  Overview.png (75713 bytes)
Throttle Q TQ.png (112327 bytes)
Engine instruments Panel ENgINstr.png (49464 bytes)
Gear mechanism  Gear mechanism.png (65703 bytes)   
Trimwheelindicator and indicator housing TrimW Ind.png (25976 bytes)
Trim indicator servo housing TrimServohouising.png (46652 bytes)
Lower panel 
(fuel gauges)
Lower Panel.png (43629 bytes)
Yoke Yoke3.png (74850 bytes)  Yoke1.png (57184 bytes) Yoke7.png (66376 bytes)
ELT ELT.png (43862 bytes) 




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