Baron 58 Cockpit Simulator

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7 segm display\


Digital OAT Gauge


Design for the OAT gauge is based on Electronics International OAT (see end of this page):

Ice warning indicator on (OAT between -12 and +4 degrees celcius)

Above the design made in Front panel designer

Real panel




To display the temperature (Celcius) I'm using 3 x 7segments LCD, 


Picture above: Components

the first '7-segment display' is only to show the minus "-"sign if the oustside temp is below zero degrees Celcius. Therefore I only use pin3 (segment 'g', the minus sign) and pin1. I use a (opencockpit mastercard) basic output to put this sign on/off (use a 150 Ohm resistor, because mastercard output is 5V and this segment display only 2 Volt (I added an resistor table in the 'manual'section)).

The 2nd and 3rd '7-segment display' are connected to the Opencockpit displaycard.



Real Electronics International OAT


OAT gauge STC'd PMA'd TSO'd, Electronics International / A-1: OAT Instrument with Ice Zone Warning Light, (light on when OAT is between 39'F and 10'F for structural ice).



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