Baron 58 Cockpit Simulator

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Autopilot Mode Controller KC-290

This is the final version of the autopilot (AP) 

Picture of the final autopilot (Mode Controller KC-290). The panel will be assembled in the pedestal (the same way as the picture right. 

Switches via Conrad.

My AP Panel designed with "Front panel designer" and made by Schaeffer.

Picture of the real KC-290 including the optional KC-291 Yaw Mode Controller

Detail picture (real cockpit) of the KC-290 located in the pedestal

Because I use PM GA-IFR with an LCD screen behind the panel (Main Panel), I'm not able to put the turning knobs near the gauges. Therefore I made a panel (placed in the radio stack) with the turning knobs. See picture above (panel) and below (assembled in stack)



First I made a prototype version for this autopilot, see pictures below. 

prototype version for the KC-290


prototype version for the KC-290



Background / Description of the KC290

THE KC 290 MODE CONTROLLER provides pushbutton selection of all Flight DirectorlAutopilot modes, plus Vertical Trim. This trim switch allows the pilot to adjust the aircraft’s altitude or pitch attitude without disturbing the selected Flight Director mode or disengaging the Autopilot. The Autopilot engage switch engages all three axis of the Autopilot. The compact KC 290 unit can be easily installed in panel or pedestal mount configurations. 

bulletAutopilot Mode Controller used in KFC-200 Flight Control System
bulletServes as control unit for both flight director and autopilot
bulletPanel or pedestal-mounted
bulletContains switches necessary to engage the flight director, engage the autopilot, select the mode operation and to generate command signals to trim the pitch axis
bullet-01 version has an autopilot Disconnect Alerter output to sound a two second solid tone where the autopilot is disconnected







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